Exploore theme support ticket


We create support ticket for Exploore theme on: http://rubikthemes.com/support/ and we can’t find where is information about ticket (is in progress, is any answer yet, …) and also don’t get mail information about ticket.

Can you please help?


Hi @SuperSumiko,
We are RubikThemes, the author who has been developing the Exploore Theme.
We experienced a downtime of the mail hosting and it made the email system on our contact form do not work as expected.
The problem was solved 15 hours ago and you may submit the ticket again at http://rubikthemes.com/support/.
Sorry for any inconvenience you may have.
FYI, we have just moved to this new system and we are working our best and deal with our providers to make sure this won’t happen again.
Thank you very much for your kind understanding!