Expiring Tax Information on Envato Market



Why would they loose money? They only need to pay this for certain amount of authors, not all. And in the end, if they dont like it, maybe they should just move back to Australia.


because if they pay for u this means the money is taken from them because some one has to pay and if this is not u this has to be necessarily them … plus u, u cannot have an non equalitarian system like this … why would them pay for some and not all? in addition the agreements with all countries differ and same goes with the money taken from the irs or the situation of all authors … not to mention that u have rights over your sales in america , in case one day u go to settle there as for i could understand, so u would lose them

now as for knowing if settling in america was a good idea or not , this is a different story , all people will have their opinion … but one thing is for sure is that this introduced a new fee …


in 2019 then …


Pointless discussion.

I meant only some authors dont have tax treaty with US and/or rate above 0% (that requires tax to be payed)


of course but just in case u are not aware, countries having more 0 are numerous …


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It should be same for all country author may be 5% will be better then 0, Why some author pay 15% and more author 0%?

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You’d have to ask the US government about that one.


hi i would have not anything to say against this as i rather agree … that would be a fair and equalitarian system , no doubt … the problem is that reality is somehow a bit different and that it all depends on the general agreements that all countries could negotiate with usa and as all countries do not have the same power, results are quite different from one country to the other …


Nearly every country in the world levies withholding tax on capital gains such as interest or dividends and royalties. A few of these countries refrain from taking this tax in whole or in part from US citizens, and in return, the USA also refrains from doing so. Therefore, there are different tax agreements of 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, …


@jamesgiroux - Does anyone knows how we get the money back in our country?
Nobody knows nothing, i am sick of running for answers related to this, what should we do to get back the money ?


This has been asked and answered hundreds of times in the forums, and although questions are sometimes missed, I’m surprised you’ve not yet got an answer if you’ve got to the stage that you’re sick of asking! All the answers Envato can provide are on this page…

…if you need any more info than that, then you’ll need to get that from your accountant or your local tax authority, as Envato can’t really provide tax advice/steps on the procedure for every different country.


Yeah, i have read that, still, i have called our tax authority and they have no clue about these things, our accounts as well, nothing, so this is why i keep asking.


Maybe start a thread in the forums and see if any other authors from Romania have figured it out. Someone here must know for certain if it’s possible or not by now! Obvioulsy you need to get any advice here confirmed by a tax professional, but hopefully you can get some info to help prompt the right questions, or know where to go/what to do.


I resubmitted my tax information and I don’t need to look that page until 1st January 2022.


Hey @twisted1919. As @SpaceStockFootage suggested, could you start a new thread with the issue you mentioned. I also want to get some answers to this, and I bet there are more romanian authors wanting to know this. Maybe there’s an author who worked this out and can help us out.


You should really just send out an email notice to accounts that need to re-submit for 2019.
It would make so much more sense to contact the actual people that are in jeopardy plus the people that don’t read the forums.


Your are right idea they should send mail before 1 month about tax info expiration and fill tax info in month because most author not read forum regularly

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