Expired Support Policy ? Is there one ?

A few quick questions, that I think all authors should be interested in. I’m looking for an official Envato stance on this:

  1. Are we supposed to deny support for customers who have expired support?
  2. If we should deny: Is this policy enforced?
  3. If we should deny, and policy not enforced: So I can ignore the “supported status” entirely? How is that fair to authors who want to take advantage of the new policy? How is that fair to customers who have purchased additional support?
  4. If we should deny, and policy enforced: What is the punishment for this? If it’s a minor punishment, see Question 3.
  5. If we should NOT deny support: See Question 3
  6. If there is no official stance: See Question 3
  7. If we should deny, policy brutally enforced: So you’re forcing me to annoy my customers? How am I protected from bad reviews because of it? If you’re planning to lock-down reviews & ratings - how do you plan to educate customers on the new policy? And what about customers who will publicly bash authors for not supporting their items on Twitter/Facebook/Blogs/Forums? No plan for that? No ? Try reading “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh.

So basically, - we (authors) are forced to provide poor support, taking full blame for it, even though it’s Envato policy. Here is an excerpt with 2 random people talking about setting up their portfolio a year from now:

Person A: "I want a WordPress portfolio because I’ve heard it’s very flexible."
Person B: “Yeah, WordPress is awesome. You must get a premium theme, they’re cool. Just make sure you don’t buy anything from Themeforest. Their customer support policy completely [does what vacuums do]. Try [ABC] or [EFG] or [MNO], they charge yearly, some a little more, but their support is awesome, and themes are top-notch.”.


Is it possible to get a reply here ? I really want to know what should my support policy be from now on.