Experienced Wordpress Developer looking for a full time job

Hello. My name is Pedro Miguras and I’m from Chile. I’m a graphic designer and also and most important I’m a Wordpress developer. Right now I’m looking for a full time job coding themes, plugins, support, or what you requires on your team. For the last three years I worked indepently doing themes and plugins by my own, sold them here on envato and a similar marketplace (mojo).

Right now I only have one theme for sale named clinique, a child theme made for Layerswp (wordpress framework), but at certain moment I had eleven themes for sale at mojo and seven plugins for sale at codecanyon. I reached a good amount of sales on both sites, then I was involved in a local project so I hand’t time to offer proper support on my products and I decided remove all of them.

All my work was made and was supported by me. So as you can figure it, I can work perfectly under pressure.

So…You can see my profile and check my sales and badges, here on envato or mojo…

I really wants contribute with a formed team.

My Skills

My rate is very dibatable and obviusly it depens of what you requires, I’m open to hear any kind of offer, but please serious offers… with all respect, someone while we talk about job, told me that he paid about 500usd/month to his developer and I congratulated him for find a cheap developer…

So, if you need more info, just write me via pm.