Experienced lead developer / team leader ?


As part of an exciting team, we are looking for an experienced lead developer to be in charge of wordpress theme development. We are looking for a credible individual with past experience in creating a leading theme to be responsible for the main aspects of the development, including authority over other team members.

If you are experienced and in the know, have attention to detail and strive to achieve only the highest quality of results, let’s talk! We would also love to exchange thoughts and ideas with people who developed high end themes and products here on Envato.

Feel free to send a PM or comment on this thread.

Where can we check your profile?

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Hey @ashish79, you can take a look at our profile here on the forum or TF. The only interesting stat you will is that we are leading in the affiliate space here on Envato. Most of our projects are outside of TF right now.

How about yourself?

My name’s Loc, I have 2 years in support position for wordpress theme. Unfortunately, I don’t have portfolio. Do you still interested me and my team?

My team had created some themes for some authors on themeforest market. If you want a deal, we can discuss further questions through email?

My email is: outsource@designerresource.org.

Present, I still work with: JellyThemes and PremiumCoding for support position.

Hey @Loc_rabbirt Loc, thanks for the interest.

We are not looking to making any “Deals”, but to create a sophisticated, cutting edge theme that will lead the market in terms of design and technology it offers. As we do take this holistic approach, we are planning on building a team rather than hiring freelancers.

Although we are flexible on certain things (partly remote team members), I don’t think that hiring an outsourcing team is something for us. If something arises in the future, i’ll let you know.

Best of luck!

Pleasure to meet you and I hope we can work together in future!

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@wpbd, thank you for your interest.

Although I do appreciate your work, we will not be able to work together at this stage.
I wish you best of luck with your work and sales here at envato!