Expanding plugins without repricing, I kindly need your feedback

Hello All,

I have implemented couple of plugins through out years; and I persistently keep expanding them with new features and enhancements. Now I reached a stage where my plugin almost reached triple or above its initial size. So the question is, what is your best strategy here ? Do you feel it is worth to maintain upgrading a single plugin for years and make it reach to the top, or you find it better to re-price the plugin if it is possible ? or just release another bigger version that will eventually make your previous relative plugins obsolete ?

I personally find it good to keep developing a plugin and maintaining its reviews and support; but at the same time I feet it is unfair to give support for more features that my plugin initially has been priced and assessed for. So it is as if I give support for two more similar plugins with different features for free if we go with the assumption that my plugin has increased in size by 3 times.

Off course at the end this is a subjective case that we could treat differently in a personal level; however, I am eager to listen to other developers feedback and views about this.