Excuse me? What did we do? As early bird?

Hello, Envato Team, I just see your AD banner at the top of your Themeforest page, the Annually plan is with 50% Off.
I clicked, and see, the Annually costs now only $198 Annually.
BUT after click “subscribe”, the page told me:

Your subscription will automatically renew in 125 days and you will be charged $228.00USD.

Thanks Envato, I have bought your elements service from the very begin, as early bird, and now I just want to ask, What mistake did we make to let you treat us like this?
We have to pay more money than others!
You lowered the price without giving us any notice or compensation!
Yes, I understand. once payment is made, this money is yours. you can do whatever you like and you will be happy!



Please open a Elements Help Ticket. There have been a few promotions and updates to the payment options. The Help Team will be happy to assist.


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