Exclusivity and Behance


I am currently working on a big project that I would like to sell exclusively to Evanzo (Graphicriver). The project will eventually contain over 300 files (AI, EPS, PNG). I would like to show this project to Behance. There only as JPG with 72 DPI and of course not all files. In addition, I will note in the copyright that these pictures are not at leisure.

Can I do that or do I violate the exclusivity policy?

Many Thanks

That’s fine. If you’re selling a photo and you’re making a photo publicly available, then that would be slightly different… but if it’s low resolution, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But your item is a vector, and you’re only making a flattened image available… not the actual item, and at a lower resolution… so yeah, no problem.

Thank you for the fast answer :slight_smile: