Exclusive video footage from videohive at "DreamTheater" new video clip "Alien"

This is not the first time this has happened. Besides, if you are a little observant you see it immediately …
Today in the new video clip of the progressive metal band “Dream Theater” there is a video footage by the exclusive author “StockFactory”.
At 0:56 seconds of the video clip “alien”

there is this video footage:
[link removed]

As in the video clip of metal band “MetalIica” “dream no more”

at 1:31 second in the human silhouette plays my own video stock footage which is here :
[link removed]

I think it is very nice for such big rock bands to choose video footage from Exclusive Videohive Authors…


Man, I knew some of it may have come from Envato authors! The question is- is it good or bad :grinning:

P.s. I love DT

They use 10 of our shots and our Glitch Pack starting with this shot.

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