Exclusive change to Non Exclusive



Anybody knows am i able to upload to other markets after i chosed non exclusive licence?
Thanks in advance!


Yes you can upload your music to other websites if you change to non-exclusive, but you can still be exclusive here and upload other songs elsewhere, its just the songs you upload here have to be exclusive to Audio jungle.


Im not sure that understand what you mean…You mean that i can upload exclusive content from AJ to other sites?I don’t think so.


No, he’s saying you can still sell OTHER music to other sites if you’re exclusive, just not the tracks you have for sale on AJ.


I understand that, im asking about the content from my portfolio.Sorry i wasn’t clear with the question :slightly_smiling:


If you choose non Exclusive you can sell you items in other places. Exclusivity means for tracks not for authors. If you decided to switch from Exclusive to Non Exclusive account you have to wait 1 month after request and than you can upload your portfolio to other marketplaces.


So i cant upload at the same time i choose to go on non exclusive?Damn.


No you can not. You have to wait 1 month.


Thank you :slightly_smiling:


You are welcome ! :slight_smile: