Exclusive author should be paid 70% directly. Why to grow from 50 to 70%?



If we are exclusive with envato, we should be given complete 70% . Why to grow from 50% to 70%. As dedication should be appreciated completely. And it will attract more and more authors to become exclusive to envato. (Just an advice)


Yeah its good. I also thought the same but you see its a Race to addiction of envato market. when you start and get same as all other authors, You may not try hard but if you see someone is earning more thn you also try hard to get thr so thats why they have such slab so after reaching each milestone, they increase the %

It sometimes hurt alot whn we have to pay 50% as commission but still its worth trying and reaching to top. Authors like me are in race to top and as I can see Im way behind thn top authors and we are trying hard daily to get close to a level.