exclusive author policy

I want to ask if we can upload a preview of our product to the portfolio site but still include the sales link on the graphicriver?
exclusive author status.

thank you for your answer help me

As long as it’s only avaliable to purchase on GR then it should be fine

hi carlie,

I only sell on GR, but on portfolio sites just to attract traffic so consumers can see & buy directly on GR.

thank you for the very petrified answer.

Yeah that’s just promotion - can’t see why it would be a problem but if in doubt check with support https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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You are free to promote your portfolio anywhere but just need to be aware that as an exclusive author you will not be able to sell your item on another marketplace except envato. So, all of your promotion purchase link should go to envato market. Thanks

hello mgscoder,

thank you for your answer helped me a lot, I was confused whether the promotion activities to the portfolio site violated the author’s policy, but your explanation has helped me.