Exclusive account

Hi there i have question?
I creat exclusive account and i want to move my sound effect with non-exclusive to exclusive account.
Should i deleted my sound effect on non-exclusive account now or when sound effect are accept in my new account “exclusive”

Sorry for my english

Cheers from Poland :wink:

HI @michalratkowski No, I think you need write a message to EnvatoHelpCenter and describe your situation. Don’t delete your item yourself.

thx where i find this “envatohelpcenter”?

Oo i find thx wildkittytunes :slight_smile:

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https://help.market.envato.com/ than “Submit a request” i suppose

I send a mail for admin but still dont have repost… i dont know what i must do it?

it’s always couple of days. 2-5 days for answer from envato help team.