Exclude P.R.O. Results from search in Envato Elements

Can you offer a new option under “Properties” at the bottom when searching for music that allows you to exclude all P.R.O music files from my search results? I really do not want to deal with the complexity of wondering if I’m in the right or wrong when using a file for a client. There’s an option to show only P.R.O files but not to exclude all of them. There is only one way to tell if a song is PRO and that is to actually click it, which is time consuming when going through multiple tracks. Thank you for all you do.

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Whether you’re using PRO or non-PRO music has no impact on you or your clients, unless you or your client are planning to play the music in a live event/venue context (in which case, the event organizer or venue owner would have to pay PRO)

There is no “wrong” in using PRO music, and absolutely zero reason to stay away from it.