Excessive support

What you do with excessive calls to support?
I have a buyer who writes me a lot of messages about one of my items, he wrote already more than 50 messages with different issues like - how can I download update? How can I change image? Why my image is not displayed? Why my slider does not work? Why? How? Where? … From start I want to say that my theme is working fine and I have detailed documentation. And all these questions are very simple but is too many.
It already starts to irritate every morning to see from him about 5 messages. What do you do with such people? Or maybe I’m wrong and I have to keep quiet and to answer all his questions as this is the sense of support? I’m a little confused…

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The key is to not reply quickly to these questions. I find that if you wait a couple of days, and then ask if they are still having issues they will have already figured most of them out on their own.

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Exactly my opinion

if you answer quickly, they start asking all other as you are their PA

if you give them some time, they will go through documentation and solve on their own :smile:

(some people even send a mail saying that)

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This is not really the right solution because if the support is fast, you will have more buyer, called him simply that you create a detailed documentation and looked before creating a topic to see if the problem is listed.

I have to disagree with you, fast support means you transform the support in a chat and that’s simply not sustainable.
Good support is not exclusively fast support, keep this in mind, most of times the quality of the support is more important, and when you reply fast you tend to do mistakes.

Not at all, take Avada example, Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer, etc., they respond very quickly and they solve problems very quickly.

@Khothemes That’s because they have a team of paid support guys whose sole job is to do that. If you’re a theme developer who does support, chatting with a customer is simply not sustainable.

I speak knowingly, I created a theme and a plugin, I always responded quickly to support and I’m all alone, I resolve customer issues quickly.

That’s awesome, but not everyone can do that, especially people who don’t create at Envato full-time. That’s why I said that it’s not sustainable.

Create advanced support plans if he asks too many questions, redirect them to purchase it.

Yes, it’s a very good idea.

My solution to nip 90% of these types of questions in the bud is two-fold:

  1. Create a searchable online Knowledgebase

  2. Use a support ticket form. When the customer enters their subject topic, automatically query the Knowledgebase and return the relevant article.

When a user asks a question that isn’t in the Knowledgebase, be sure to add it, even if it’s dead simple.

For users that still submit these types of questions and ignore your Knowledgebase, simply link them to the relevant articles when you answer their tickets. If they continue to use you as a real-time chat support system, remind them to kindly check your documentation before submitting a ticket. It’s true that replying in real-time will also encourage such behavior, so sometimes you have to balance providing fast, great support with managing your customer expectations.

If all else fails, remind them not to be a Help Vampire :smile:

Hi everyone,
Same here, I just am a support agent and have a customer with more than 100 emails and more than 3 threads in support forum. Every time I set his theme’s functions as they should be, he simply resets everything. He expects our theme to work as he thinks he should and not the way we designed it. He keeps rating us up and down, first a 5 star then a 4 star (soon maybe a 1 star) and customization requests never ends even though we did not make any promises about them.
Our company is new and customer experience specially stars are super important. we have a 1 star rating from someone who never contacted us and does not respond to our emails, so I can not afford having another 1 star from this customer what shall I do?
Thank you

Kindly direct them to the support policy and reject further out of scope support questions. Document any threats ("I’ll rate you 1 star unless you do this! "). send a support ticket through to Envato requesting the buyer gets a refund and rating removal if it continues