excel made programs

does envato accepts programs that are made using excel? i have a program made by combining excel formulas to fit for school academic management, and it is multlanguage where there is a sheet a person changes the language of words to be used, it is simplified by combining formulas,
does envato accepts excel made program?

I’ve never seen this but the best option would be to ask support

Envato Authors Help and Support

I don’t think so. I have never seen similar “programs” before

Hi @officeinone :slight_smile:
Did you mean Programming Macros in Excel ? I dont think envato accepts programs that are made using excel.

Here are the available Codecanyon Categories

  • JavaScript
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  • Plugins
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thanks you peopl for your reply, now i think they dont accept it

I suggest you make a real-world app out of this so that your efforts in developing this is not wasted.

You can convert those macros in Google App Script and then sell those on CodeCanyon under JavaScript since GS is based on JavaScript (source)

If you could do this then you will have a wider audience as Sheets in Google Apps is something which can be used for free and not like Excel which has to be purchased to use.

Not sure if this falls under your expertise but thought of sharing this as a workaround.

thanks @harshitpeer i am going to try this. thanks for your advice