Example of how the review process on GraphicRiver is stupid or biased

That’s why is important to talk about it, this way more people will know about it and maybe the ones who can do something about it will do something to improve things and that way everybody wins.

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Why was the other example flyer been removed ?

I did not post a link, just an image. I understand you’re not supposed to link to items and that’s why I posted an image.

Is there a policy against posting images of flyers or other items ?

Would you care to list these basic design principles… in a clear, straightforward, self-explanatory, concise document that reviewers could use if they were ever to adopt a non-subjective reviewing process?

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basic design principles are taught in all design classes, they are nothing but the kind of thing that no one know anything about as u subject! contrast, proximity, repetition and aligment are taught as ruling this industry

they do not want u to post this not to hurt people obiovusly, which makes sense, but also so that u can illustrate the big incoherences that are going on , too …

Ok, let’s take one of those as an example… let’s go with contrast, that should be an easy one. So what would the rules be in the ‘Envato Reviewers Handbook’ when it comes to contrast?

i could show u lots of designs in which texts and titles are not having any contrast with the background though they were approved when texts are not readable or hardly readable … plus this is just common sense indeed, in the case of contrast … but if want to show bad faith and try to pretend that abiding to no rule is not necessary or is not useful, let’s do it!
however this industry has been ruled by these principles and they are taught in schools but maybe people do not have anything to teach there?!
in such extent why don’t we play football with hands, then?

Nothing at all to do with what has or has not been previously approved or rejected…

Sure there will be some glaringly great or glaringly bad items when adhering to best practice is clearly visible or absent.

However of the thousands of submissions each month there are likely to be more which are more borderline.

In these (entirely) subjective cases - what makes the author right and the reviewer wrong or the their way around if they disagree?

Again I am not defending or interested in anything that has/does happen at all. I am simply asking for clarity on the solution.

u never want to choose a camp but playing the counter part for always the same people, surpringsly enough … i am sorry to say just this but some incoherences cannot be explained and the whole lot of us fail to understand and accept them, no matter if we know that people are not robots and that this reviewing is a difficult job, for sure … there is probably a reason don’t u think so?
besides if u feel like that anyone is complaining here is just being happy to do it, the bottom line is that u are wrong … but let’s face it , this is difficult for people to have their time, effort, experience and so on trashed in a second with all the consequences that are resulting from this in addition