Exact Earnings

When will we be able to see our current earnings not before taxes and not by calculating it on our own.


Same here


Congrats!!! ;D

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The monetary amount next to your username in the top right corner of each page will tell you. Although, I appreciate that’s going to be a bit skewed if you have any referral earnings, or you’ve bought anything. Would make sense to have a earnings after tax box. Impressive sales for the first two days in January though!

Yes, but I meant on the current month, not overall. It would be a nice add-on to see it not to calculate it.



Try this little JavaScript function on your browser’s console. I can see you are an author on TF and CC, so I think you can read this poor and simple code and you know what to modify in the code.

For people who don’t know and want to use this code, you just need to modify the values of the first four lines, what each line represents is written at the right of that line.

var USe = 150;					// Your US earnings before taxes
var CR = 70;						// Your commission rate
var WHP = 30;						// Withheld percent
var TotE = 1000						// Your total earnings

var NetEarnings = function (USe) {
	var CRP = CR / 100;
	var ToV = USe / CRP;
	var NBF = ToV * 0.8;
	var AF = (80 - CR) / 80;
	var NWHP = (100 - WHP) / 100;
	return "$" + ((Math.round(((NBF * NWHP) - (NBF * AF)) * 100) / 100) + TotE - USe);


A box that tells the net earnings on Earnings page is absolutely better and easier than running this function couple times a day :stuck_out_tongue:. but it’s a hell of a lot easier than calculating the net earnings manually until Envato adds that box.

EDIT: Updated the function, so it should work properly

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Hi OsamaSayegh, thanks for the code

Tax is on sales to US only not all of them.


Sh**, I really forgot about this thing, I’m sorry.

But, I guess it’s still a little bit useful, but it will require more steps. which I guess that’s not what you want.
Recently Envato added a feature that lets you know the earning from each country, I think you can benefit from this feature (if this feature also shows the earnings before taxes, otherwise it won’t work, I guess it does show earnings before taxes):

  1. Apply that function on the US earnings.
  2. Subtract your US earnings from your total earnings.
  3. Add the value you got from that function to the total earnings after you subtract from it the US earnings.

EDIT: function updated above, no need to do the additional steps manually.

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Hi OsamaSayegh.

Thanks for the code and effort but question was to envato when will we be able to see without calculation on our own.


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