EVOLUTION: ATLANTICA - Library For Trailer Music Production

Hello AudioJungle Composers!

I am happy to announce EVOLUTION: ATLANTICA - new forthcoming library, second part of our Evolution series. We have carefully created and selected the most interesting articulations including new multilayer hybrid pulses, low trailer brass recordings, powerful guitars and many many more.

In short, it will be really useful addition to any trailer & movie/game composer’s toolkit.


Evolution ATLANTICA is a powerful collection of high-quality sound effects, as well as aggressive and sophisticated instruments for creating trailer & cinematic music and game soundtracks in a short time. Trailer Brass, Guitars, Sound Effects, Pulses Pattern, Agressive Instruments - all in one product.

The idea of creating Evolution ATLANTICA:

Modern trailer and hybrid music is a very unique genre , located at the junction of several styles at once. Here the elements of sound design harmoniously interlaced with melodic instruments. Our main goal was to create a tool that allows controlling all aspects of writing such music. We provide an opportunity for deep customization, which allows you to quickly create your own unique sound. Nevertheless - Evolution: Atlantica is simple and intuitive to the user as much as possible.

Evolution ATLANTICA includes :


  • Low Trailer Brass
  • Bends


  • Trailer Bass Guitar
  • Trailer Electric Guitars


  • 37 Braams
  • 100 Epic Trailer Hits
  • 105 Whooshes
  • 44 Booms
  • 72 Short Punch Hits
  • 36 Short Punch Metal Hits
  • 18 Tonal Reversed FXs
  • 14 Rises
  • 48 Downers
  • 32 Alarms & Signals
  • 118 Transformation FXs
  • 20 Transition Shutters


  • 125 Pulses


  • Pads
  • Basses
  • Leads
  • Drones
  • Plucks
    and etc




Excellent product! A great job is done in order that it was more comfortable to us to work. At the moment I have no means to purchase this wonderful product. But I with great pleasure would like to become the owner of this library. @Mexikus and Keepforest thanks for that what are you doing…

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Very Cool! Will have to get saving ASAP!

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The sounds are Amazing!
Some Big companies should step aside :wink:

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Thanks guys! )

What’s the price? Does it include Kontakt presets?

of course

  • Pads
  • Basses
  • Leads
  • Drones
  • Plucks


Low Trailer Brass


Trailer Bass Guitar
Trailer Electric Guitars

Wow, Great and Amazing!!! You sold next one:)))

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Sounds great, I’m going to buy this :slight_smile:

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Since when is advertising allowed?

Great Luca, you will like my product :slight_smile:

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Added new demos of Evolution: Atlantica