Everything I do is rejected, why?

Hello, in 2018 I was looking for a way to sell my work and that’s when I came across Envato. I did some research on it and I read a lot of articles that attracted me and motivated me to do it. That’s when I worked on an Android RSS feed aggregator, after finishing it I publish it and I get a hard rejection, that discouraged me and I didn’t have to create any more codecanyon items.

In the early 2020’s I thought “Why not try my luck again?” I tried to analyze why my first item was rejected and concluded that a simple feed aggregator was not good enough to be on the market, so I started working on a quiz game in the format of “Who wants to be a millionaire” and after I finished it I published it and I received another rejection but this time with a message saying “My item was deja vu and it was nothing special.” It hurt me but this time I had the courage to try something else without waiting.

During the review, I was working on another true/false mobile quiz game, so I gave up the project and thought if the previous one was rejected, the one I’m working on will be as well.
This time I did some research, I read different topics on Envato rejections, I read the Envato requirements and I had the idea to create a Telegram bot chat generator, I even did some research on codecanyon and I saw that there were some items related to the Telegram bot, and some of them (without wanting to minimize the work of their authors) didn’t have anything special yet they were there, approved by the Envato team.

I started to create something special and of quality, a tool made in PHP using the framework codeigniter which allows a user to create and generate automatically a functional Telegram bot in addition to that it gives the possibility to the users to take in hand the conversations of their bot this Telegram in itself does not make; compared to some items that I saw on the market, mine came with much more functionality.

I finally finished the development and released it this morning; curiously some time after the release I receive an email telling me that my item has been rejected… How can I explain that an item that needs to be installed on a PHP server with a MySql database and needs some configuration can be rejected in such a short time? This led me to conclude that the person who reviewed my work didn’t have to analyze it. I don’t know why, I have the impression that they just saw my item and directly rejected it saying that it is not of quality whereas on the market I noticed that there are less good ones.

I cashed in for my first rejection, I cashed in for the second one, but that’s too much… Does Envato have a particular problem with me? For each time, reducing my months of work to nothing… You might as well tell me that they don’t want me.
I’m sorry if I was aggressive in my words but when you work and learn from your mistakes over and over again and still don’t get results, it’s just frustrating.

I need to know why Envato accepts some items so simplistic and refuses mine in the same area. And why it took so little time to review my item and reject it directly by telling me not to try to run it again.
Thank you and good understanding.