Every Time My item Rejected codecanyon but not given any specific reason


I am uploaded more then 5 product in codecanyon. but every time reject my item. I follow all rules and regulation and design as required to codecanyon but he reject my item and not give any specific reasons.

simply say not quality standard… but what the issue and why rejected he not describe. without that how i know what the improvement required.

So of project i view in codecanyon its simple and not a quality work then also its approved the site. then why my work approved. because i am from india.


I understand you.

And I know that no one envato administrators can even provide a small solution for this BIG nightmare.
Read this topic, I’m sure no one is worse than me.

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I read you provided source, but what the solutions. why your system rejected item. you not providing clarification then how any one know what the problem in his product. i hard work on my product but you every time reject,just provide me one reason on rejection.

Hello @jsrathod

Can you please share the demo which was recently rejected by Envato Quality Team?

Thank you.

Please check below link demo. Was rejected evento team.

Url : http://demo.htscrm.com

This was a very good product and there was no problem. Maybe friends know better…

It might be better if this part works :

If there is no problem then why my item is rejected. Your suggestion I implements but first if no any thing problem then why my item rejected

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You not given me response on my last mail that why my item is rejected. i am sending you one profile


check out its portfolio. all item is in core PHP and not standard work in all his projects then how your team approved his products.

You not given me one reason of my product rejection. how your team work for approved product.

It looks good but I don’t understand what it dose, maybe that is the issue.

I am not sure but may be due to high price range that you selected from your end - http://htscrm.com/#pricing

I have some points as well that you need to improve with the backend presentations, mostly with UI (but that will create impact on item rejection)

Might be codecanyon thinking that you will also sale your script from direct payout method. So, you need to write a reviewer message when you submit your script on codecanyon. Similar like this, I will remove this payment link from my script after approval from envato market.