Ever struggled to explain Envato to a friend?

I know I have! Which is one big reason I’m super excited about our brand spanking new Envato.com :sparkles:

It also does a much better job of introducing our tools and services, and connecting creatives with the best people and resources for getting their projects done.

Get the full scoop on the blog and then head over to Envato.com to check it out! :grinning::rocket::tada:


New envato.com looks nice :smiley:
And I love his monitor shelf :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great but a suggestion: please label your gallery images!

I love looking through the Envato photos and many of the names here stand out when read, but I’d really like to know who I’m looking at. It’s great to put a face to a name! :slight_smile: Keep up the great work guys!

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I’ve always explained Envato through the medium of interpretive dance, but now I don’t have to with Envato.com


Looking awesome. Great work on the design.

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I’ve often told my parents that I’m a private dancer because it’s easier to explain. I may have to follow your lead :smiley:


A private dancer, a dancer for money, any old music will do?

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Where is “Our Team” section?

Even my friends think i am jobless :stuck_out_tongue: and when i disclose my income , they get a shock :scream:

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So you’re not a private dancer? I’m so disappointed…:joy: :innocent: :wink:

(disclaimer: it’s Friday, so let’s not be so serious :slight_smile: )


In that case, everyday must be Friday for me :smiley:


What’s Envato?

Sorry: kind of dark humor I have.
Here it’s carnaval: eveybody dresses like somebody else.
So private dancing is not strange at all!

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Funnily enough, we’ve tried that too :slightly_smiling:

Glad you like it!

“If you’re good at art or music, you can sell it online and make money” nope never had that problem :slight_smile: Only problem is all the people I know don’t do anything in multimedia or they’re so overwhelmingly experienced that submitting to this site isn’t worth their time, no one in between :/.