Events Ticket Plus - Add Attendee Name/Email Programatically

Hi there,

I’m trying to sell tickets to an event using the Events Ticket Plus plugin. However, as part of this, I would like to run what the Events Ticket plugin calls Individual Attendee Collection (IAC) which asks the user for the name and email address for each ticket so that each ticket can be individually assigned to an attendee.

However, my issue with this is that at this event, users can buy 3-4 different tickets which would give them access to different sessions that are running during the event and my concern with this is that by running IAC on these tickets, the user will have to enter the same name and email address multiple times.

To get around this, I want to run IAC but where possible, fill in the data programatically as the user adds the relevant tickets to their cart. However, I am having a difficult time trying to find if this is possible within the documentation that’s shown here I see that there are hooks for IAC but these seem to be more related to activating IAC for a specific ticket rather than actually supplying the attendee data.

Would anyone be able to confirm if adding IAC data programatically for a ticket is possible and also point me towards the relevant documentation? I tried asking the plugin developers but they were not very helpful as they seemed to think that I was asking them to customize the plugin for me.

It’s customization and I don’t think you’d be able to get free help from someone else especially for another authors’ item while the original author is refusing to provide free support ( customization )

The workaround would be hiring someone to fix the problem for you. In case, you can let me know to discuss few details.

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