EventON SKU and other issues

Hi all,

I have several question regarding EventOn:

  1. Why the hell is the SKU field shown, if an organizer wants to create an event?

  2. I don’t want to have “Sell tickets” optional in the submission form, I want them on the contrary to be mandatory … Is this possible?

  3. How do I get the information of a customer (from the registration process) to the EventOn-organizer automatically? What are the database fields called?

Many thanks in advance

I just entered a new event with my organizer and copied an existing SKU to the SKU field … I didn’t matter at all and a woocommerce product was created.
then I “bought” 4 tickets of my new event and again … it worked

I don’t see the point of having a SKU which is not even unique. And even more I don’t see the point to bother event creators with it.

Hello @danyk4

Although I understand some situations are frustrating, please keep a polite tone on the forums. You’ll likely get more people to help you.

These are the general Envato Forums. For support questions you need to contact the author of the item (assuming you’re still in the first 6 months of free support period). The author will be able to assist. Here’s how you can contact them:


Thank you very much. I didn’t know this option!

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