EventOn setting

Dear Folks,
I start editing a wordpress website. I want to improve is EventOn agenda, but after moving few settings I realized I’ve ruined the homepage display settings.

At first I was believing eventon was not used, then I’ve realized that the webmaster used it as a picture slideshow. So basically what he created is to show 8 past events, only the picture and title without month name and arrow(for navigation into calendar). The code he’s used to recall the calendar on the mainpage is this one [inwave_events title=“Team a.s.d.” months=“2” events=“1” first_day_of_week=“monday” hide_past=“no” style=“style3”]

The result of my mistake has been that now the regular calendar is shown from today for 8 days, with the arrows to navigate trought the calendar and the name of the calendar. It looks a calendar now, which was not before, instead of a slideshow for images.

I cannot find complete syntax list for eventon either a way to fix my settings errors. Someone can help? thanks