Eventon Plugin Update file does not work ("folder already exists")

Hello, I got an email notification for an updage of eventon. Downloaded the file where the email link led me and tried to install it. Wordpress says: “folder already exists”. Thanks for a hint how to install the update!

Hi, you only have to delete the existing EventON folder from your web server.

To do this, just connect to your web server (via FTP or via CPanel->File Explorer) and navigate to the plugin folder: **…/wp-content/plugins/ folder in your website.

There, delete all the files inside EventON folder.

Then, just install from scratch the plugin.

Please note that for more support, you can also contact the plugin author (recommended) here: https://helpdesk.ashanjay.com/?envato_item_id=1211017


Hi hevada, thanks for your answer!

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