Event Scheduler (Doodle-like)



Hello, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I’m looking for a WordPress plugin that will provide Doodle-like functionality. I have already been going through many event/calendar/scheduling plugins, but, none seem to be just right.

I started a WP site for my poker league. As of now, we use Doodle to schedule our monthly tournament. I’m looking for something that will:

-Allow users to select multiple days of the month, and check “available”

-the time of day is not important, just the day itself

-Display a list/grid of all the days (just the current month), how many people “registered” for that day

This is pretty much it, I really don’t need it to actually confirm the day/date, as I can do that with another plugin. I just need to collect data, and determine when the best day is – and also have this information displayed to all registered users (because we end up having to compromise on certain days, so it’s best if everyone can see the event poll).

So far, of the plugins I’ve tried, WP Booking seemed to be the closest, but, it seems to take so many clicks to register for just one day. I’ll guess I’ll look more into the settings for the time being.

Thank you in advance, and I appreciate any suggestions.