Event Champ Theme from Gloria Themes Out of Date on Day One Install

Working on a new install of Event Champ and I’m getting an error that the templates are out of date with WooCommerce. The templates won’t load. Submitted ticket to Gloria Themes.

Anyone else have these problems trying to load a brand new theme from Gloria? Very disappointing that a fresh download is out of date with no instructions about updating it.

Woocommerce regularly updates their plugin to new versions (the latest being in the 3.3.x series, which it’s currently 3.3.1).

The theme files being out of date (according to Woocommerce) very rarely has any issues, it’s just a numbering thing and in most cases doesn’t affect the theme or website.

Wait for the author to get back to you to help with any issues that are occuring because of it, it’s likely the author just hasn’t released an update for the theme to update the template versions, the update could be in the Themeforest queue as 3.3.x is a very recent release (in the last 2 weeks)

Thanks. I’m not sure why the demo templates aren’t loading right - the out of date message seemed like a logical issue. It could be something else. My ticket with them is pending. Hoping to get a response soon.