Evanto should give author choose price



I think Evanto should give author choose price of item.

  • because if Authors want get many sales, they will need decrease price.
  • if price set high, evanto still get many money.
    because I see that many modules, template are SIMPLE but evanto set price is HIGH ($18),
    But some modules is very flexible, evanto still set $18 for them.
    It is NOT good !
    The technical team evanto did not understand all the platform to know when one module is simple and when is complicated. This led to the introduction of inaccurate price.
    Evanto can give Authors some LIST PRICE for choose: examplae: $17,$20,$27,$37…


Thumbs down on that one I’m afraid. It’ll just be a race to the bottom. At least with a level playing field all we have to compete on is quality… if we have to compete on price as well, then people will just put their prices down. You just need a few people to put their prices down and their competitors will feel that they have to as well. Authors make less money per sale and then Envato make less money as well… so they have less money for all the good stuff.

I appreciate that people might buy slightly more items if the prices are lower, so it would be less of a hit to revenue, but I don’t think it would offset it enough for it not to still make a big impact.

I vote for not being able to change prices.


Never going to happen as new authors will always go for the lowest price to try and outdo their “competition”… and then when it does well they will suddenly hike the price to try and make more money from it.

End result is the buyers end up pissed the prices keep changing and competing products are different prices because authors are trying to outdo each other.

Envato setting the price is much better as there is a consistent pricing system so buyers know if they want a certain type of product it will cost them $xx.

It may seem the prices are high but Envato price them so the author makes enough from their item but also based on market prices, so buyers will buy them. Envato items are also premium items so come with a premium price over other similar marketplaces.


I do not recommend it, I will decrease the price for all of items when the competitions goes high, where will this end?


Unfortunately … this is a very bad idea … actually one of the worst !


Nah not gonna happen. Has come up quite a bit on the forums. Just not a good idea for a level playing field


I agree, this is a horrible idea but Envato already does this during:

  1. Bundles. Items are added in bundles and sold at a fraction of the
    price. When this happens, most items within the same category and
    file types suffer a loss in sales.

  2. Discounts. Recently I’ve noticed that Envato is giving discounts
    on select items. Last week, there was an item advertising discounts
    and had their item priced at half the cost. It was our worst week.

  3. No clear pricing. Too much contrast but that is understandable.
    Only the author knows the value of their item. This is value based
    on amount of effort and investment made. When someone sticks a price
    on your item based on what they think is fair pricing, well guess
    what, you end up with unfair pricing. This is fine, we all signed up
    knowing we have little control on the item price but bundles and discounts
    need some revision* :frowning:

Basically, none of the above affect Envato’s bottom line but this does have a drastic affect on the single authors within the marketplace.

  • I have a module with 10 features but my module is the same price with other module which is VERY SIMPLE.
    is it GOOD?
  • When a buyer purchase a module, they pay for features of module, NO pay for compettion.
    Before they purchase, they will read module’s description.
    They will decide pay $100 for get 10 features or pay $100 for get 1 features.
    they need read module’s description before purchasing.


Envato will be full of $1 items :smile:


This is a very bad idea. If your idea is implemented will be a form of dumping.
I do not think it measures only the number of functions. Why you do not take into account: the market demands, simplicity of operation, concept, the audience to whom you address, unique design, category and many others. There are many criteria which determine the price if you analyze the marketplace sites.

It will create an imbalance. This imbalance will be generated inflation between countries. A person from a country where the average salary is $ 350 will always have a price lower than the one of a country where salary is $ 3,000. Because the work is valued differently in every country. Even if their products are probably in the same category and similar .

This idea will also generate bad competition.
I think now in 90% from cases if you look carefully prices have logical and are correct.

  • because if Authors want get many sales, they will need decrease price.

if author do this, they will get SMALL MONEY, they will think before do this.
price set high, Author will CAN NOT sell it, so they will need descrease price.
THAT IS rules of market economy.

because I see that many modules, template are SIMPLE but evanto set price is HIGH ($18),
But some modules is very flexible, evanto still set $18 for them.



if you are priced the same as everybody else whilst having many more features, you are probably selling more than the others? If anyone should be complaining, it should be the guys with less features but having the same price tag as you :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, you can contact support and ask them to raise the price on your modules.


You want get more sales with decrease price? Very bad idea!
Buyers know where’s item have good Quality, good Design, Unique item, and more Features offer, that’s the point to get more sales. Buyers will ignore the price if they like your item.


It is not a good idea (and has been discussed many time before).

As it happens it was trialed with a handful of categories on GR and within no time there were files at insanely low costs and believe it or not they did not really sell many more copies.

Having price set by envato is the only way to keep things fair in such an international market. It is not just about the files themselves e.g. the resource/living costs for authors in different countries are completely different and if not fair then some will leave which is detrimental to the market as a whole.

We already have sequential pricing in WP themes on TF based on certain features e.g. standard, commerce, BuddyPress etc. and other categories on other marketplaces will probably follow suit where possible in the future.

Authors have the right to query pricing if they feel it is too low.


you already have the option to adjust your price by contacting support team.


Dreadful idea. The reasons have been outlined above. There are other marketplaces that let you set your own price so why not just sell there if it’s so important?


oh , come on!!!you mean that prices at this moment are not down enough? aren’t you aware that there are almost no guys living out of running the marketplace exclusively, already?! i mean apart from elite authors. Well , indeed, that’s what happens and most of us work very hard and hardly get pocket money out of it, so this idea that u come up with is absolutely not legitimate indeed will have only one result: killing creativity and authors … .

Let’s face it , to take just an example, a flyer here this is basically 6$ , that’s hardly the price of a coffee in some cities of the world and that’s definitely not a big deal for anyone who organizes a special evening somewhere , a club owner in most cases would have a return in investment as long as he sells one entry, or one drink or something like this … so what is the goal of this thread and idea that u come u with, that we all end up starving and that we all have to change work in the end because we cannot make money enough to survive?!

U seem to have forgotten something, the marketplace style, like the one that u have in envato , this is based on numbers and volume, which basically implies that authors need to sell very very much of a low-priced items to get to live decently or to make decent pocket money. Actually, the flyer thing, this is just to deal with an example that i know very well , but, let’s face it , as for what u said about website, plug ins or whatever , i guess that u must be aware of the price u would have to pay to have a website created in an agency aren’t u? because if so , even if u buy a template and that u turn out to add some “rather expensive plugins” (and a lot of them indeed), then u’ll be very very very far away from the kind of price that u would turn to have to buy in any single agency of this world …

as for self pricing, i have always personally militated against this … . U know what we will end up with , with having low quality , quickly made items selling much much more than the good quality ones that we all take much time to create, simply because some guys will have great conditions to offer very low prices if compared with all others and will take the option of massively producing rather than offering quality, so that they get all the sales and nothing will be left to the others unless they do the same . Is that what anybody is expecting for indeed? I dare hope this is not …

as for what u judge as simple, i can tell u that, out of almost 13 years of experience in an agency that if u are listening to customers, all what u do is simple, takes no time, all u need to do is to snap the fingers (or u just have to click according to their own words) and we get the job done, which is far away from being a reality to say the least , not to mention that this is also disregarding out time, experiences, skills / competencies and so on

what i can tell you is that if envato have to do something with prices, this is putting them slightly up, in order to help more guys to survive … and so that creativity and skills are saved and safe in the end


u mean buy , right? if so u are right they can buy there …


if any buyer has respect for what we do and hope that we all survive, then they should not buy those mass poor mass production items and favor creativity and skills over them, even if they have to pay a slightly higher but let’s face it more than affordable price already … how did people do before marketplaces, when they had to contact agencies after all?


hi Gareth, i personally have to disagree with this one somehow some way, as many of us analyzed all this this way: envato is likely to sell low-priced items to enable guys to have more volumes of sales and to have much much more buyers buying but thats’ already hard for a great deal of guys to make decent money indeed with the very low-priced items … now it also depends on the category that people are considering …