Evanto for beginners

Do i have to host envato templets my self?
How do i edit envato …with wordpress builders ?

I assume you mean as a buyer and not to be an author?

How you edit a file depends k. What format it is e.g. A site template, WordPress theme, CMS etc.

Yes you will need your own hosting and domain

is envato just a theme pages that need a builder like divi

No Divi is not sold here but there are numerous different formats and platforms available here each which will work differently

Do i need a theme builder like divi or can i edit envate on its own,is the price including hosting of all themes or do i hav eto host them my self

No the price is just for the template or theme - any hosting, domains, etc you need to organise yourself.

If it’s a WordPress theme then you CANNOT USE Wordpress.com.

It’s impossible to answer what you need without knowing what file you want to buy and what you want to achieve because different types require different and include different things