European Union Consumer Law

I have my sales automatically refunded to a customer. The e-mail from Envato says that it was because he was from EU. The e-mail has a link

I have two question.

  1. The Envato is in US. I am, the author is from Russia. Why should we care about EU laws at all?? Why EU? Let’s maybe take in to account all the countries laws like from Nigeria, Somali and the rest of the world…

2. What prevents those guys from EU to “buy” the whole of Envato for personal use for free?

Envato is a US entity solely for US sales. Otherwise it still is Australian, thought this is not relevant here.

When you sell to a EU customer, this is virtually the same as conducting your business in the EU, so you have to abide by European policies. This is also why you have to collect VAT from European customers (though Envato does that for you)

As for your second question, Envato has the discretion to close abusive accounts, and they do.