Euro 2016 Official Thread & Predictions Contest!

We all need a new Paul the Octopus here

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I just noticed I don’t have the “Football Player” badge even tho I’ve played on all competitions and joined with the same email address used on my Envato’s account. Any chances of getting my badge this time? :smiley:

Hi @Pricop, If you can show me where/when you won I’d be glad to look into it for you! For the record however, not all entrants win the badge. e.g. This was the last one we ran where only the Top 25 won and I think we did one where the top 100 won if half of the games were predicted. Either way, send me a PM and let me know! :thumbsup:

Great! I’m in!

That’s Good :slight_smile:

I am in :slight_smile:

I’m In. England!!! GOGOGOGOGOOGGOGO!!!

Im in :soccer:

yeah! I’m in :thinking:

Let’s try and have fun…!)

I thought you get one simply by playing the game since the badge’s description is called “Joined an Envato Football competition”. I’ll get it this time then =)

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I’m in too!
Força Portugal!

Yeah! Vamos a eles! Portugal!!

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I am in too!
Vadd Sambhya… :soccer::sunglasses:

I’m in! Rooting for England, but i think France will take it!

Rooting for England too. They have Great attack on this tournament. France has good young squad and they play at home. But I think that stable Germany will win.

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Great stuff. I’m in!

Best of luck everyone!! :slight_smile::soccer:

How can I find other Envato members there? Or would it be possible to group them anyway?

Thanks! :slight_smile: