Euro 2016 Official Thread & Predictions Contest!


##Euro 2016

The domestic season in Europe may be over but now it’s time for the best international teams across Europe to compete! If you’re an Envato community member and football/soccer is your passion, then you’re invited to use this official thread throughout the Euro 2016 tournament!

##Euro 2016 Predictions Contest

We’re bringing back our popular predictions contest with the coveted golden football badge up for grabs! Simply take a few minutes to predict the result of each game and compete against the rest of the Envato community toward footballing glory!


##How It Works

We will be using a website called Predict the Football. Register online and join our special Envato mini-league by using the following code:


#Don’t worry Copa America fans, we’ve got a dedicated thread and predictions contest for you too! Enter the Copa America 2016 Contest!

##What Do I Have to Do?

Predict as many scores as possible from all Euro 2016™ matches! Be sure to submit your predictions throughout the tournament as you won’t know who goes through to the second round and subsequent rounds until the first round group matches are over. We will try to post reminders in this thread but the responsibility to check you’ve submitted your predictions is entirely yours!

General scoring works as follows:

  • 3 points for predicting an exact score
  • 1 point for predicting the correct result (ie. you correctly predict the winner, or you correctly predict a draw, but by the wrong number of goals).
  • 2 point bonus for predicting the correct result if that result was predicted by less than 20% of your competitors.
  • 2 point bonus for predicting the exact score if that score was predicted by less than 5% of your competitors.

View full scoring details with examples!


Not only is this just for fun for the many football fans around the world we have within the Envato community, but we will also be awarding badges to all winners! So even if you don’t know anything about football, your predictions and participation could nab you a brand new, shiny badge!


  • First Place: Football Champion badge + Football Player badge
  • Second Place: Football Player badge
  • Third Place: Football Player badge
  • Fourth Place: Football Player badge
  • Fifth Place: Football Player badge

##Terms & Conditions

  • Please use either your real name or Envato Market account name as your username on the Predict the World Cup Web site.
  • All community members with an Envato Market account are eligible to play.
  • One entry per account, please.
  • You can enter the Euro 2016 AND Copa America contest if you wish, but just one entry in each event, please.
  • Staff are eligible to participate.
  • Euro 2016 runs from June 10 - July 10 and we’ll announce the winners by July 17.
  • Copa America 2016 runs from June 3 - June 26 and we’ll announce the winners by July 5
  • It’s just for fun! :slight_smile:

##Bonus Challenges!

Subscribe to this thread and check-in every day as we’ll be running bonus challenges throughout each tournament with more chances to win a Football Player badge!


I wish I could convert 2 regular football badges for a golden one :sweat_smile: Let’s hope for a top 10 finish this round :smiley:

You never know, third time lucky perhaps? :smiley: Plus, double the chances of winning if you enter both events. :wink:

No t-shirts? :frowning: I will enter both competition, but have nothing to gain! :smiley:

Correct. We don’t currently offer any merchandise prizes in any of our contests at the moment, sorry!

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lets hop in

Best of luck everyone!

Great news Scott! I’m in :slight_smile:

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Great, I’m game :slight_smile: :soccer:

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Awesome. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks Scotty, I’m in! :slight_smile:

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Sounds great, I’m in

Cool idea! Summer does not seem boring! =)
:trumpet: :trumpet:
:trumpet::trumpet: :smiley:

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Really nice! :slight_smile:

I’m in! Good luck everyone :sunglasses:

Olé, olé, olé, olé !.. I’m in !!! I hope to take the biggest prize :smile:
Good luck everyone :blush:

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Im in good luck :smile: