EU Authors Question



As a author im going to sell my stock videos so i have to give envato my EU VAT number or not?
This information must only give the people who are buyers?
If i dont provide my eu vat is there going to be any problems?


Envato are the seller for the purpose of VAT, so Envato will charge and remit VAT to European buyers, and provide them with their VAT number. You can add your own VAT number though (in settings) so that you’re not charged VAT on purchases.


Tx for the reply but my main question was that me as a author only selling stock footage on envato do i still have to give them my vat?i dont plan on buying anything.
My accountant told me that thay are not suposed to ask for my vat from usa or australia unless they are in EU
Sorry for my bad english,im from croatia btw if this helps…


Im sorry im a little confuzed about all this,i just dont want to make any mistakes


You should check these articles out for the official info/instructions/FAQ…✓&query=VAT&commit=Search


thank you man


They’re an Australian company trading in the US, but as they are selling to EU buyer’s then they need to charge EU VAT. That’s why they’ve registered to do so and are charging and remitting VAT. As a result, you don’t have to, and shouldn’t. So no need to enter a VAT number unless you do end up buying anything from an EU author.


This is all i needed to know,tx again