Eternal question…why my track was hard rejected

Looking - as many - for feedback.
I made this track, tried to keep it simple, no crazy or abstract ideas. The only info was “hard rejected”…no more comment. That recent policy of not telling what’s wrong with the track rejected “hard” is a bit frustrating - is it badly mixed, poorly composed, not having commercial potential?
Any thoughts?
Here a link to a track:

Sorry to hear it. This my personal opinion. The overall idea is great but you need more time to polish it. Drums with phaser (or filter) in some parts sounds really weird. You can replace it for something more contemporary - something closer to Future Beats or Atmospheric Dubstep drums, bass is also poorly mixed and have more low end content than requried. Overall mix is more on the dark side, want some shine and more compression. All aside this elements is great and atmospheric. Just do more work to make it stand out. Ideas behind this music is great.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’ll try to do an alternative mix then, maybe add some “shizzles”, but you see - the problem with the review process is that with hard rejection - according to what Envato says - the item should differ substantially…and by the reviewer not telling what’s the issue I don’t know whether reviewer’s reason for rejection is “in range” of your remarks or it’s something else. I actually submitted it as a music kit - attaching the whole track along with it’s parts as loops, so the client could potentially rearrange the track like using “Lego blocks”. Yet another thing - it’s a bit unclear what is the difference between music pack and music kit. Basically it seems like you need to figure it out yourself.

A pack is a collection of existing tracks in your portfolio offered together.
Most things are explained in the FAQ.

I think it has the potential to become a good track but you have to improve the structure, the intro, the transitions and the overall mix first, you have to eq the elements by cleaning up the useless bass.

Thanks. Yes - mix is probably my weakest spot, that I need to work on. Well - with the intro. I know that “too long intros” are the common rejection cause, however when making the track I wasn’t thinking of that first part before the downer as intro - it’s just more ambient part, more “in the background” for some client’s content which is than evolving into more “forward” part. I mean sure - if that’s “the code” I can do it the common way I hear quite often on AJ: reversed cymbal, and aggressive fade in right into the groove. Hmm - do you think it’s the way it has to be (with some variation of course but I’m sure you know what I mean)?