Estimate request for woocommerce / wp-admin modification

Request For Estimate

On WordPress 4.5.3 running Twenty Sixteen theme and Woocommerce, PHP version 5.3.
This is for a specific wp-admin modification… not really a “design” issue.
Products to be posted by users who have the “yuzer” role, which accesses wp-admin to post products.
A key goal is to handle thousands of categories of products, like Amazon, Target, etc.

1st Requirement:
I would like to have code that enforces a single category selection for products. The default category selection metabox should be replaced by a main metabox that has a user-friendly form of single-selection menu that handles lots of categories (the menus on or seem like good examples).

There should be an efficient validation on the server side, too, to ensure that browser-manipulation for multi-category selections are rejected. (There is a lot of jQuery code available for checkbox selection limits, but the problem with these cases is that the user can manipulate the browser to bypass the restriction.)

2nd Requirement:
I would like the admin to have a way to prevent certain categories from being selected by the “yuzer” role. New categories by default can be selected by the “yuzer” role.

Code should be prepared in your own test environment. When it works, I will upload to my test environment, following your instructions on what to put where.


Addended for Clarification:

  1. “Yuzer” is a role, not a username.

  2. Except for the 2nd Requirement, the “yuzer” role is the equivalent of the Woocommerce “Shop Manager” role.

  3. The “yuzer” can create new categories (though the 2nd Requirement allows the admin to later disable any of those categories from being assigned to a product by the “yuzer”).

  4. The 2nd Requirement does not prevent the “yuzer” or anyone from seeing certain categories on the front end. It only prevents the “yuzer” from assigning them to products when creating and posting products.

  5. You are not responsible for compatibility with other plugins that may be involved.

  6. I am not planning on using multi-vendor plugins, or similar marketplace plugins.

  7. You are welcome to recommend plugins that would support the two requirements.

  8. You are welcome to involve other plugins in your proposed solution.

  9. Regarding 3 above, if a category becomes restricted to the “yuzer” it does not affect products that the “yuzer” already posted under that category.

Only for reference & not in any way part of the requirement:

Hi, what other cache and marketplace related plugins do you intend to use, apart from WooCommerce? Can the “yuzer” Create categories on their own, or will they be pre defined by the admin?

I can build this plugin for you, and then set it up on your server. I have several years of experience in developing WordPress themes and plugins.

Let me know your skype ID so we can talk about this in detail.

Hi Red,
I am adding clarifications to the bottom of the original post in answer to questions that come in.

Hi, you can drop me a message at Skype. My profile name: chetan7991