ESSENTIAL theme demo data not installing...

Hi - I have taken advantage of the Free ESSENTIAL theme offer, thank you - However, on trying to install the Demo Data it is refusing (I tried the Installer you provide and manually installing from the “Essenial” zip file…), giving this error log:

—Upload files—
Widget file was not uploaded. Error: Sorry, you are not allowed to upload this file type.

—Upload files—
Redux file was not uploaded. Error: No file provided.

—Upload files—
The import files were successfully uploaded!
Initial max execution time = 300
Files info:
Site URL = Home - CCMH
Data file = /home/sites/12b/7/72aff2f8b4/public_html/ccmh/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/content.xml
Widget file = not defined!
Customizer file = /home/sites/12b/7/72aff2f8b4/public_html/ccmh/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/customizer.dat
Redux files:
not defined!

—Importing customizer settings—
Customizer settings import finished!


Any clue as to why it’s not happening - I definitely chose the correct XML/WIE/DAT files?


Contact with your purchase item author @RiccardoBorchi right here as a comments


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@doodledave2021 The “Essential” theme that you downloaded from Envato Free WordPress themes belongs to another author, and you can contact the author of the theme from here:

@unlockdesign Could you please update the link to the other item?

Have a nice day!

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Hello @doodledave2021,

I am the author of Essential Theme. I saw your website ant it seems you have imported correctly demo content.

I remind you that support and updates are not provided for free items.

Best Regards.

hi @RiccardoBorchi

Thank you for your email but if you have seen the website you will see there is no imagery, no menu, no structure, just the bare bones minimum… Plus the list of “could not install” errors tell me sometthing is wrong too…

But, as you say there is no support on free items so i guess i need to look elsewhere.
Thanks anyway.

Hi @doodledave2021,

you can add your own content and follow the documentation to setup correctly the Theme.

For other information you can write in the item comments or through e-mail.

If you need support, you should purchase the license.

Best Regards.