Essential Grid Phillie template

I can’t get the Phillie template from Essential Grid to work with X Theme. I’ve loaded all logos into the grid and added it to the page, but it no shows on the site. I messaged them and was referred to here for help. Essential Grid comes with the purchase of X Theme and Phillie is the only grid I have a need for. Any suggestions?

Hi @jbutler9721,

Welcome to the forums! Are you sure “Essential Grid” plugin comes bundled with the “X Theme”? I see no mention about it in theme description.

But - if it comes with the theme, you need to contact theme author for support as they are responsible for maintaining their theme compatible with bundled plugins:

If, however, you find out that plugin was not budled with purchased theme, you need to contact plugin author:

Unfortunately we are unable to provide any help here, on general forums.