Site crashed and getting these errors when type in domain. I was told may be update but issue we have is developer who built site is unresponsive and we do not have API. How can we resolve. Cost us a lot of money to build site and need up fast.

Here is error we are getting:
Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT in /home/wagerhome/public_html/wp-content/themes/omega/inc/frontend.php on line 59

Hi @wagerhome,

If you’re getting that error yourself while visiting the website through a web browser, then this is a configuration issue by your web hosting company. You will need to raise a support ticket with them.

Do note that the error message you posted is actually a “notice” rather than a fatal error, which means it won’t prevent your website from loading but may cause the website’s design to fail.

You can (and should!) disable errors from displaying on your website and it will likely resume working perfectly fine. If you’re not sure how to disable errors from displaying, that is also a great question for your web host.

Hope that helps!