Errors GoExplore ThemeForest

Hello, Please help. I have written in many forums but no reply yet! And it is very important! I use themeforest go explore and I can’t create pages anymore.
For example:

But in the admin consola these pages appear…

Please support! thank you!

Wordpress Permalinks

hello, it doesn’t help me the link you sent to me. the errors i have are different: there were just a few pages at the beginning and then other pages appeared with the same error. please try to understand and check my problem once again. thank you. Anca.

Hi @ancapavel2017,

Why not just contact the author of purchased theme, as adviced by @SpaceStockFootage? I’m pretty sure they may have an idea on how to handle this issue :slight_smile:

Anything we can suggest is related to WordPress core functions only, like @AlekseyZhdanov reply. Also are all the pages available in “Pages” section on your blog dashboard? Can you preview them by clicking “View” link underneath page name?


Hello Luca, the pages with errors are available in “Pages” section on blog dashboard, but when i click to preview them by clicking “View” link underneath page name, they are not available.

The author of the theme will be able to assist you with this, via the support page I linked to above.