Error with newly published items appearing in search (Dec 2021)

My new item has been approved after about 5 days under review…

The strange thing is that despite its approval, it still does not appear in the search, and also the page of the item does not appear for me…
Attached are pictures, are there errors that occur? :slightly_smiling_face:

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It needs a little time, to appear on items page, don’t worry.


It’s the first time it’s…!
The item was approved about 11 hours ago!

i have the same problem too, @mixbeat has the problem been solved?

hi @permanamaliq

Yes the problem was solved on the same day!
Don’t worry the item will appear after a while!

keep your working :slight_smile:

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Hi @mixbeat

Maybe there’s some problem in the new published items, my items were approved last week and still not live yet (just like your screenshot).

And there’s specific thread about this issue, bunch of user experienced the same issue that no updates on a new approved items.

Maybe it can help @permanamaliq .

I also facing the same problem, guess we are in this together.

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@mixbeat it’s been already 4 days, and still error :sob:

@qrelab they said this problem will be solved next week, I hope this gets sorted out soon

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hi @qrelab @permanamaliq

I’m sorry to hear that, it seems so unusual.
By the way, I haven’t uploaded new items since 4 months, and I’ll be back soon…

We hope the engineering department will solve this problem as soon as possible :

SAD :pensive:

@mixbeat @qrelab
it seems like the problem already fixed
this morning the item that I published has appeared in my EE shopfront

is that alright?
I thought I should consistently upload items in EE
im new in EE btw :grin:

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Hi all. This thread is about a separate bug that occurred back in Dec 2021, which was fixed shortly after it was reported.

A separate issue affecting newly published items has occurred this month (Apr 2022). A fix has been deployed a few hours ago, and all recently published items should now be appearing in your portfolios as normal.


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