Error when trying to update KenThemed page

I inherited a site and was asked to make changes. I have completed all of the required updates. When trying to edit a page, I get this error message: This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed. I have tried disabling all the plugins and cannot find a conflict. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I had GoDaddy check for malware on their end, all is ok. They said the theme was the issue. Since I am the new web designer, I don’t have access to the previous designer’s envato account.

Your best option would be to buy/have clients by their own copy and license so that you can be sure to be using the latest copy and get 6 months support

Ok, I can do that. Do you have any suggestions for the error message “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed”?

You need to check if you are using the latest version of the theme and that the theme and plugins are all up to date.

Once you get a new license you can ask the author support

The error could be to do with your PHP version apart from plugins. Regarding this issue, there are many causes to this problem. It could be an outdated theme, one of the plugins (which you said you had disabled) BUT DID YOU REFRESH THE CACHE? Or server configuration wrong settings. Also the common things why this happens is when you trying edit the block but you have made a mistake.

I went back to read more about The Ken theme and just found this online…“WARNING! The last update of this theme was more than 1-year ago. It will not be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.” So, I may need to downgrade my WP to 6.0 or earlier or change themes.

I did update WP to version 6.1.1

We also inherited a site with this theme. Updates are released very, very, very, very, very, vey, very, very, very slow and only for secondary small things.

When we contacted customer care to find out when the theme will be updated so that it no longer needs the jQuery Migrate Helper (which is supposed to be a TEMPORARY fix!), they replied that an update would have been released soon. It’s been YEARS and it still hasn’t been fixed… sometimes the changelog was not even released or they even denied that they had published a (secondary) update.

the jQuery Migrate Helper is obviously not included in the theme package, so someone who doesn’t know this theme, may think it was update recently and it is compatible with the latest version of Wordpress… but it’s actually not - without the plugin (a temporary fix).

When asked if they would ever fix and update the theme, they said it is not abandoned, but in fact it is an abandoned one.

At this point we think that many recent positive reviews cannot be true. we would prefer an option to pay and finally get the updates.

Investing in this theme in 2023 would definitely be a mistake.