Error when setting up a affilaite information in Config tab in woozone

I am getting a following error message while opening my website in wordpress. Please help.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method aaAmazonWS::set_the_plugin() in /home1/test/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woozone/aa-framework/amz.helper.class.php on line 315

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try contacting the plugin developer for this…


I am new to Envato. Can you please help me find the plugin developer? I really appreciate your help. Thanks

I fixed the issue by myself. Thanks

Hello. I just saw your posting and I got the same error. My website’s crashed and I have NO idea how to fix this. Can you help me resolve this? I’m really appreciate any help! Thanks.

I have this exact same issue. Can anyone help me out?

What did you do to fix this issue? Please help me out and paste the code.