Error when sending a message through my phone to a client.

Basically, I send a message to my client and this error shows up everytime. This happens only when I reply to emails on my phone.

The messages are being kicked back because you’re trying to reply to a “do-not-reply” email address.

From what I can tell based on your partial screenshot, It appears the email notifications you’re receiving are for comments made on your marketplace items. Envato is simply emailing you to let you know someone left a comment, but you can’t respond back to the comment via email. You’ll have to navigate to the comment via the link in the email to respond to your customer.

Hope that helps.


Actually, looks like the email in question is in fact a message (see tab title).

I have this issue with Outlook too. When you reply to such emails, you must choose “Reply”, not “Reply all”.

  • Reply will only send a response to the customer.
  • Reply all will send a response to the customer and also the no-reply email address.

But don’t worry - even if you choose “Reply all” and get one of these bounced emails, it still was sent to the customer.

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Thanks for the replies. I will avoid sending mails this way.