Error uploading item JPG files, ERROR...0%



Hello !
I haven’t uploaded any item for quite some time and I am now trying to upload all the necessary files for a new item and I am unable to.
I get the same error 0% and infinite upload as soon as I click on my JPG to upload it.
I am running Firefox 47.0.1 - latest version.
Any help please? Never had such problems.

photo error uploading.jpg


Try updating your flash player or use the FTP service instead


Flash player is updated. I don’t how to use FTP service nor what software to install. I 've always used browser upload since 2013 when I joined :frowning: It worked fine till now.


Here is the help article regarding FTP

and also upload problem issue

Hope it is helpful


I 've read both links, thanks! What FTP client to use ? They don’t mention and I have no idea.


You can try with any FTP as far as I know.