Error trying to load demo content

I purchased and installed the Harmony - psychologist and psychotherapist WordPress theme. I got an error when trying to load the demo content. It looks like some size restriction error:
Failed to create tmp table_fwbk_wpx7_fw_termmeta. Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes.

Can anyone provide some insight on this?

Thanks in advance.


Contact with your purchase item author @Eazythemes right here as a comments hope they will helped



Most likely it is your webhosting server issue. you can contact your hosting server support and let them know details about the error. Hope they will help you to fix it.


Hi, thanks for chiming in. The hosting company said it wasn’t their issue. Something is wrong with the database itself. I’d appreciate if anyone else has any ideas.

please contact the theme author and let them know. theme author will check it for you and will assist you. Thanks