Error template Bisy in Form

I have an envato elements license, I downloaded the template
Article title: Bisy - Education WordPress Theme
Article ID: 35VGNWN
Author Username: QuomodoTheme

Everything is fine, but when I send a form it reaches the recipient with the author’s email.
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Who can tell me how to fix it or do I have to pay something additional?
The author does not answer the support.

Hi @teleyacolombia,

Assuming your theme is using Contact Form 7 then go to Contact page from wp-admin and setup your form mail settings to edit/change the recipient.


Thank you mgscoder

The sender has already been changed for a valid account.
But it arrives with the sender of the author …

I have no idea. But there can be 2 options:

  1. in Contact Form 7 and from there you can change from address and recipient address as well
  2. check theme options is there any Quick contact settings where you have to make change

Otherwise you have to get support from author and for this you have to purchase the theme from the envato market.

A question xmgscoder
Thanks for answering

I paid a monthly subscription to send elements and that allowed me to download the template.

I have to buy it additionally, my license does not cover it?


elements Item don’t come with author support and update. So, for getting support from the item author you have to purchase a license from envato market. But please make sure the item has marked as Supported (mean item author offer support for the item) to get support from the author. Thanks

Thank you so much