Error message whilst uploading StoreFront Pro

I got the error message about a missing css file. I sen on support that this sometimes happens and I should just upload the template. I have tried just uploading the template but now I get a message that says the file already exist, so it will not upload.

How do I get Storefront pro onto my site without having to pay another $50 for someone else to do it?

Hi @Happybookshop,

If you still have the “Missing stylesheet” error, take a look at this site:

On rare occasions theme directory will appear on your server anyway, and for now WordPress can’t overwrite theme directories with the same name. As far as I know this may not necessarily be theme fault, sometimes things simply go wrong on server side.

You need to log in to your web hosting area, enter their file browser and manually delete entire theme folder, then proceed with standard intallation one more time.