Error message while Connect your Envato Elements subscription


I have bought a elementor theme kit and it requires a connection with envato elements subscription. when I click the link “Follow this link to generate a new envato elements token”. I got this error message while login “Looks like these are not your correct details. Please try again.” I use the same credentials to subscribe to the Monthly subscriptions.

How can i solve?

Username/password won’t work

Thanks for your quick reply @ki-themes

I have already created a token but when I try to verify I get another error message which is “No token exists with the specified token code”

Any further help?

Double check the token codes and make sure you gave all of the permissions for the token

Hi @Pilgrim_fils_de_Knowles,

go to your envato elements account Settings page there you will find ‘License’ box where you will find ‘Enter License Code’ click on that button. It will open a popup where you will need to enter your token to verify your susbscription.

in the popup (Verify your Envato Elements Subscription) there is a link (bottom of the field) “Follow this link to generate a new envato elements token”. So, it is only elements side (for using only in envato elements subscribed account) token and it will not work at your customer side. This token can use to verify elements subscription and only can use in subscribed account in envato elements.

You have to create envato elements token from envato elements not from In the popup you will see “Follow this link to generate a new envato elements token”.

For more details please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.