Error message displayed across my site

Error message displayed on my site after WP update. The error message below:-1:

Warning: ksort() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given in /home4/track473/public_html/ on line 1705

How do I un install , or fix this error on my own ?


You should contact the theme author for free support. If you’re looking for a quick/paid solution thou. I can help you. Let me know if you’re interested in

Thanks KI for your reply.

Is Envato not the author of the theme ?

If not Envato, please could you tell me who the author is and their website or how to contact them ?




Get some help from here:

The site link you gave me is of no help. They want me to purchase something or provide my past purchase code which I don’t have. A Developer that built my website using Wordpress did all that.
I was hoping I could either roll back the WP. update that automatically updated the site that produced the warning error or remove it. But I cannot find anywhere on the site admin -WP screen to do a roll back. This is frustrating. WP cannot help me and the other site cannot help either.
I cannot reach the Developer that created the the website to look into the issue.

i am sure it will require a small fix but I don’t know where to navigate in WP to fix it myself.

In my hosting server, I see the .css Azoom file, but I don’t know what to do, either to delete it or not. I tried renaming it, it did not do anything, the warning was still across the site screen.

I thought this being part of WP, that WP should be able to provide some help.

Thank you for your time

That theme shows as supporting the latest WP release so based on your post above if someone else set it all up a while back then you may not running the latest version.

If you purchased the item then you can download the latest copy from your downloads page if you are logged in.

If someonelse bought it then either they need to get the latest copy for you, or alternatively you buy your own new license and get an up to date version and 6 months support.

Please note there is no way to guarantee that installing a new copy will work without investigating your site in detail although this error does not sound too drastic or complicated.

The last option is to hire help

It seem the Developer may have bought it because I am not aware and I do not know if it was part of WP as a package or not.
Being a small upgrade minor issue, how much am I looking at to a) purchase the theme new upgrade version, or b) have someone take a look at my site to do the fix or upgrade either or ?
How much do people on the link you provided charge for a minor work like this ?


First off you need to get your own copy of the theme otherwise this may just happen again when there is another upgrade and having the latest version is likely to save time. That’s $60.

If you get this then you may even be able to pay the author to help which would be ideal.

Beyond that it’s impossible to say without investigation of it is “minor work” esp if there has been custom modification made at any point. If it’s just replacing things with the latest versions then from $100 then more (around $50 upward per hour for someone decent) if there are other things required.

I am sure you could probably find things cheaper elsewhere online but you get what you pay for in this situation

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In case of need:

  1. Can i disable this theme ?

  2. This error could have happened after WP upgrade ?

  3. Don’t all the Theme used together with WP gets upgraded the same time WP automatically upgrade my site with WP ?

  4. This is issue or error was not on the site before the WP upgrade. It seem this is old version of Azoom vs new WP version

  5. That is compatibility version issue, WP and the various Theme used on websites

Themes don’t auto update with WP. Authors have to release new versions.

The WP update probably is just not compatible with the version of the theme you are using.

You need to get the latest version and install that. If you have made any custom modifications to the parent theme then bear in mind these will not migrate with the new version

  1. So, if there has been any custom modification done to my site, that means upgrade to a new version will not fix the error a manual development has to be done again ?

  2. Does it mean this updates of Theme is a continuous thing once WP updates regularly ?

  1. should fix the issue but cant be certainr without all the info and if it’s using child themes then the custom work will not be included

  2. the theme and plugins will be updated when needed in line with new WP versions, security patches etc for as long as the author is supporting the item on the marketplaces

  1. Is there a roll back of WP update to the previous version ?

  2. Can I disable Azoom from the site ?

  3. What does Azoom do ?


Why would you want to risk moving to outdated and potentially insecure versions?

The best advice would be to ask the author (esp about ‘Azoom’ or other features) but given that it sounds like you are using an item bought by someone else then they may not be willing to help.

If you purchase your own copy then you have an up-to-date solution, which is more secure and may work as an update straight out the box. Either way you will get 6 months support so you can ask the author for their advice.